Design and
'Turkish Rug' Installation
Target Margin Theater

Costume and Scenic Designer

Brooklyn, NY

Spring 2018

'Turkish Rug' was the theatrical art installation that  was built for the performance piece, “YogiBogeyBox”, an exploration of the stories of Sinbad and the Seven Seas. Using a combination of paper, heavy fabric, tassels and bendable wire, the Turkish Rug was intended to be an imposing presence in the space. The Rug was a representation of an overgrown living room, and created an oriental carpet that are synonymous with classic Arabian storytelling and lore.Rearing closer and closer to the audience, the Rug may be seen as an ocean wave, a representation of the past that wishes to consume the viewer and flood the stage with a crash of fabric. The Turkish Rug is a symbol of familial history, our personal histories, and everything that imposes the past and threatens the viewer with a sense of impending doom that we cannot escape.

Directed by Moe Youssaf

Music Composition by Brian Lawlor

Lighting Design by Reza Behjat