Los Conejos

Art Installation
Ayala Gallery

Visual Artist

Brooklyn, NY

Summer 2018

Los Conejos is a meditation on the dualistic partnership of life and death. Using the medium of mammal taxidermy, two conejos (rabbits) peek behind living weeds that are growing out of a living room scene.  Dirtied boots, a child’s wagon, and a red chair encourage the scene with a sense of vibrancy and life. Leading to the art installation, a pair of human footprints, stained by dirt, may be seen circled around the installation and lead their way to the chair, the center focus of the piece. The chair is a physical manifestation of comfort, and may fondly remind of us home and all the creature comforts that evoke these feelings. Standing askew on 300 pounds of wet soil, the chair also serves as a grave marker. Reminding us once more what we might perceive as death, is truly life in suspension.

Photos Courtesy of Tucker Mitchell